UCI-OR Data UCI Agreement

By signing and submitting this form, you agree to the terms and conditions below for requesting access to the restricted data. 

The contents of the dataset are derived from human clinical data that contained protected health information (PHI). The data was de-identified by the research team that established the dataset, and an approved third-party group validated de-identification. 

If I am granted access to the dataset:
  • 1. I attest that all the information I provided in my application is true and correct.   
  • 2. I will not attempt to identify any individual from the dataset. 
  • 3. I will not redistribute the data. 
  • 4. If I find information within the data that I believe has the potential to identify an individual or institution, I will immediately contact the dataset administrators.
  • 5. I understand that I was granted access to the UCI-OR restricted data for the sole purpose of ethical scientific research, and any other use will lead to immediate termination of access.
  • 6. If I openly disseminate my results, I will also contribute the code used to produce those results to a repository open to the research community. 
  • 7. Either party may terminate this agreement at any time but applicable obligations as outlined in this agreement will still apply.